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How does it work ?

We have chosen the pre-order system for all our pieces.
This means that you order them over a period of time, before they are produced.
Once the pre-order period is over, our workshops start production and we deliver to you a few weeks later.

5% reserve to be able to exchange

To give you the opportunity to exchange your size if necessary, we add 5% to the final order quantity. Exchanges are free for mainland France and returns are the responsibility of the customer.

Why pre-order?

To produce the fairest quantity and avoid overproduction.
Although this may come as a surprise, especially in the era of “Everything! Right away!”, pre-ordering is the best solution we have found to fight against waste. With this system, no intermediaries, no sales, no unsold items. We only produce what we sell.
Buying in pre-order also gives true value to the time needed to create and manufacture quality products. It is to give meaning to its consumption. Waiting allows us to reflect. We only pre-order products that we really want.
It is also with this system that we can offer you high-end parts at the fairest prices. Because with the pre-order we save the costs of storage and overproduction, as well as the margins of the resellers.

How long to wait?

From the end of the pre-order period to the receipt of your part, it generally takes three months. It may seem long but it is the real time for the manufacture of high quality parts.

What if production is delayed?

In case of delay, we will notify you in real time, and we will give you a new estimated delivery date.

How can I be sure that the product will please me? Or will I be fine?

We realize how difficult it is to pre-order a piece that you can't touch or even try on. 
So for each ready-to-wear product, we give you its measurement table, an explanatory diagram “How to take your measurements?”, the size correspondences to help you. For all other products, the necessary measurements are indicated in the description.
We take care to choose the best images for a rendering of real colors and visibility as close as possible to the materials used.
Our clothes are worn on different morphologies so that you can project yourself on the one that suits you.
In the near future, we would like to be able to offer you the opportunity to come and discover our products and try them through several pop-up stores.
En résumé, chez MARIVA, que vous optiez pour la précommande ou l'achat en stock, vous choisissez une marque qui place la durabilité et l'éthique au centre de ses préoccupations.
Merci de nous accompagner dans cette démarche responsable.