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MARIVA is the story of three women,

three ex-employees, three mothers from different generations and cultures.

It all started with three former colleagues who became friends.

Isa and Vanessa met in 2010, Marina joined the team in 2017. Following an enriching professional experience where the three women get along very well. Then the year 2020 is here and everything explodes. Marina moved to the countryside then became a mother in February, Isa also burned out in February after 30 years in fashion and still in 2020, Vanessa divorced. In short, major changes and a reflection to review their professional life. They decide to found Mariva after training to prepare for their entrepreneurial adventure. A year of work later, we are proud to present our universe to you!

Our desire is to support all women, men and children as well as possible thanks to products designed for each stage of their life. Clothing, household linen, socks, crochet and more, designed to satisfy the desires of women of different generations and which offer a more responsible alternative and entirely in French production.

We want to be as close as possible to your concerns, because they are also ours! We want to do you good, make you smile and provide you with the best possible support…

🌈 Vivez l'Expérience Mariva

Chaque achat n'est pas qu'une acquisition, c'est une immersion dans un univers où la couleur raconte une histoire, où l'éthique et l'esthétique marchent main dans la main.